Virgin Mary Jane Brand Massage Candles & Body Chocolate


Use These Candles When Massaging
Zesty Twilight Massage Candle Virgin Mary Jane Brand
Light It Up and Pour It On

"Midnight's Passion" Massage Candle
Rose - Cinnamon - Jasmine

"Zesty Twilight" Massage Candle
Lemongrass - Ginger Root

Light the candle and let it melt to the edges of the jar. Blow it out and pour oil on the body. The melting point of our blends are just a few degrees above body temperature so you can immediately apply the oil on the skin for a warm, intoxicating healing massage.

Essential Oil Blend:
Midnight's Passion: A perfect blend of Rose, Cinnamon and Jasmine. Our essentials oils are a combination that are traditionally used as aphrodisiacs for both women and men.
Zesty Twilight: With just the right amounts of lemongrass and ginger root, our blend elevates your energy level while helping with pain associated with headaches.

Precautions: DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. Do not use on abraded skin. Be careful not to rub in eyes or sensitive tissue. Discontinue use if rash occurs.

Keep in a Cool, Dry Place.